Bread & Butter, fry bread, rustic country bread, beer bread, house butter $7

Watermelon, whipped coconut cream, radish, lime zest, beet powder, $8

Seasonal Pickle Plate $5

Brussels Sprouts, toasted pecans, lemon vinaigrette, garlic chips, watercress $7

Grilled Corn, ricotta salata, chili lime salt, aioli $6 

Seasonal Mixed Greens, mesclun mix, snap peas, grilled stone fruit, parmesan, toasted pepita seeds, red wine vinaigrette $9 (add chicken $5)


[bigger snacks]

Loaded Fries, white cheddar, avocado mash, spicy pickled pineapple curtido, crema, garlic chips $8 (add mojo pork $3)

Crispy Wings, choice of : buffalo, Korean, or plain, house ranch $12

Benny's Rice Bowl, brisket, turnip kimchee, crisped garlic rice, sumac, fried egg $12



with fries or a salad (or al past pastor fries $4, or wings $5)

BLT, thick-cut bacon, fried egg, avo mash, sharp cheddar, harissa spread, brioche $12

Turkey Sammy, avocado mash, peppadews, pepperoncini, red oak lettuce, fancy sauce, whole grain sourdough $12
Korean Cheesesteak, bulgogi beef, white cheddar, pickled bell peppers, charred green onions $12

Cubano, mojo pork, white cheddar, zucchini pickle, garlic, house beer mustard $11

House Burger, 6oz all beef angus chuck, white cheddar, zucchini Pickles, oak lettuce, chorizo relish, beer mustard, brioche bun $12


Forbidden Pie $6

Bourbon Bread Pudding $7

Churro Beignets, dulce de lecoconut $7